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Ergoaccounting SA was established in 2004 by Agisilaos Panagakos with the aim of providing advisory and accounting services.











Ergoaccounting SA was established in 2004 by Agisilaos Panagakos with the aim to provide effective advisory and accounting services to small and big businesses.

Our Associates are graduates of the Economic University of Athens with big experience in various fields such as Finance, Business and Administration, Shipping and Trade Law. Many of them have provided their services not only in the private sector, but also in the public sector.

Our Company is based on a set of values, which we follow and deeply respect when it comes to providing our services. The values mentioned above help us not only keep our business healthy and strong, but they also play an important role in building strong ties with our clients.

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Founder of Ergoaccounting SA


Agisilaos Panagakos has successfully graduated from the Economic University of Athens and more particularly from the Department of Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Financial Accounting from the University of Baltimore-School of Business (Maryland/USA). He is a first-class certified Accountant/Tax Advisor, who is fluent both in Greek and English.


From 1985, when he returned from the USA back to Greece, to 1998 he worked as personnel manager and deputy of financial manager in the group of shipping companies, which operated cruise ships, under the name SUN LINE in Piraeus, where the companies were registered. After the dissolution of the companies Sun line Greece, Oceanic Sun Line, Sun Line Ltd., he worked as a liquidator of the companies mentioned above.

In 2001 he founded two companies with the aim to provide financial advice and accounting services to both businesses and individuals. In 2004 the above-mentioned companies were merged into one company ‘’Ergoaccounting SA’’, which Mr. Panagakos successfully manages from the position of Chairman and CEO.
Having many years of experience (over 30 years) in the position of Financial Manager/ Accountant-Tax Consultant and Auditor in compliance with the article 36a of Codified Law no. 2190/20 and its amendments, in various enterprises in different fields, like Construction, Public Sector, Shipping, Trade etc, he has dealt with complex issues related to taxation, administration, drawing-up of financial estimates and financial statements, IT configuration management, business planning, labor law.

Since 1985 he is an active member of the Greek Chamber of Economics, where he often runs for election in order to influence the decision-making processes in Greece’s economy. In 2020 he was successfully re-elected as a member of the Greek Chamber of Commerce. In the meantime, since 2010 he has been given the title of the President of the alumni Association of students, who graduated from the Economic University of Athens. He usually caters for the organization of various seminars and conferences in order to help the young professionals better prepare for their future.

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